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Lambda Chi Alpha’s Pool Party

Being from the west coast pool parties and beach hang outs are a common social go to. A friend of mine who goes to the University of Maryland messaged me about how I have to visit. About three months later I was on a plane flying to Washington DC.

When I arrived my buddy Alex explained how there was going to be a pool party today hosted by his frat. Just like any stereotypical frat party, there was lots of cheap booze, loud music, dozens of girls taking their best Instagram pictures, and tons of bros.

Yet after an hour into this “dayger” the music cut. One drunken blonde haired bro, wearing a vintage raptors jersey, stepped onto of a table and yelled “SPLASUHHH CONTEASTTTT”. I was thinking okay this is going to be a typical splash contest, a little childish but I’ll take it.

About 15 guys quickly took formation and stood around the perimeter of the pool and simply whipped out their dicks. I was truly shocked. Never in my life have I seen such an abhorrent display of public nudity. Yet everyone else was acting as an aggressive peanut gallery, cheering as if it was a gladiator fight. One male holding his flaccid penis yelled “WAPTOR CAPTOR”, and started helicoptering his penis around. All the males followed in succession. 2 minutes later the boys put their penis’ back in their pants and the party returned to normal.

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